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River of Life's

Early Learning Center


River of Life Church has a long history of outstanding ministry to children. We believe that one very important way we serve God is by serving His children. We extend this outreach to kids through our Early Learning Center. The family and the church are ordained by God in His Word to teach children.  By partnering together, we can pass on a heritage of godly values to the next generation.

Agreement with Parents

The Early Learning Center (ELC) views itself as an “arm” of the family.  It should be understood that the preschool is unable and does not desire to replace the spiritual influence of the parents, nor can we duplicate parental love and support—we are not a substitute for the home.  We do strive, however, to provide a wholesome, safe, orderly and loving environment where the joy of the Lord and the truth of His Word are our strength.  Our doors are always open to parents, and we treasure each family God sends to us.

In order to fulfill this purpose, the Early Learning Center and parents must agree on the following:

  • The ELC will provide children a nurturing and well-rounded learning experience in an environment where a premium is placed on wholesomeness, safety, order and love. 

  • The ELC will respect family life by not infringing on family time with unnecessary activities or projects—our goal is to keep everything simple, focused and uncluttered. 

  • The ELC will communicate with parents at the first sign of deficiency in any area and, in agreement with parents, will seek God’s solution for the situation. 

  • Parents are ultimately responsible for the spiritual foundation and growth of their children, according to God’s design.

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Our Programs

We currently offer full and part-time programs to children from six weeks old through 4K. We also offer an after-school program for children from kindergarten through 5th grade.

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Full-Time Program

All full-time programs are from 7:00-5:45. 


Infants-2's - $650/month

3's through 4's- $600/month

Part-Time Programs

All part-time programs are from 7:00-3:00. 

Infants-2's - $550/month

3's through 4's- $500/month


After School Program

Our after-school program provides transportation from Sumrall, Oak Grove, and Benedict Day School to the Early Learning Center throughout the school year. This program ends at 5:45. 

We offer full-time care for after-school children throughout the summer months. 

After-school tuition is $350/month. 

After School Summer Rates

After school full time tuition (7:00-5:45) is $500/month. Part time tuition (7:00-3:00) is $400/month. 

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Early Learning Center Team

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Chris Camille

Business Administrator

Lynn Robinson


Mission Statement

Our mission at the Early Learning Center is to provide a Christ-centered environment, where children can thrive spiritually, emotionally, physically, and academically. We make the safety and well-being of every child our top priority.

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"The staff at the ELC is phenomenal! As a first time mom, it was hard returning to work after my maternity leave, but I had peace knowing my baby girl would be loved, cared for, and protected."

Lenore Schaffer

Contact Us

6837 US-98, Hattiesburg, MS 39402, USA

(601) 268-0246

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